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Grilled Eggplant on Greens


We’re alive! Erinne and I have been all over the place lately, what with Erinne’s first year of teaching with her own classroom, me applying to grad school, and our Sundays solely dedicated… Continue reading

Noms Review: Katz’s Delicatessen


Last month, after making Alex take some time off work to go to my company picnic that I eventually decided I didn’t want to go to, we planned a trip to NYC to… Continue reading

Egg Sandwich for Your Sunday Breakfast


Simple yet delicious: Egg in a pepper. I’ve seen this a lot around Pinterest and have always thought to do it but never got around to it.  BUT NOW I give you the all… Continue reading

Zucchini Cups


Still on a Zucchini kick.  So I went to the store to buy some zucchini, and it was on sale, so I of course bought five dollars worth of zucchini.  I guess it’s… Continue reading

Zucchini Boats


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been a little bit obsessed with zucchini, or as it’s known at the store down the street from us, Italian squash. I’m not sure what brought… Continue reading

Southwestern Chicken Salad. (To go in your cute cucumber cups!)


So at a loss of what to have the other night, Thu and I wanted the cucumber cups.  But what to put in them?  And how do you use your oven as little… Continue reading

Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening…


You know what I’m talkin’ about…when pizza’s on a bagel english muffin, you can have pizza anytime! …Bueller?…Bueller? Alright, if your parents loved you and gave you real things to eat when you… Continue reading

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