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My (un)Lucky Bamboo


Trying not to feel too defeated after our herbs’ untimely demise but this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. A week or two ago I looked over to my dependable,… Continue reading

I’m a bad mom.


We know–our blog has been looking pretty anemic lately. Erinne and I both went on vacation the other week, and what with me starting a new job, it’s been busy and stressful and… Continue reading

New Addition to the Family


Our two strongest basil stalks have been growing in quite nicely! The other basil sprouts that have been sentenced to the shadows of the cilantro and parsley are growing slowly but surely. I’d… Continue reading

I see you, Basil, growin’ that leaf.


It’s been about 3, maybe 4, weeks since we planted our herbs. If you’ve been following along with us, you know the cilantro and parsley have been growing like weeds and the sweet… Continue reading

The forest in our living room.


What better day to post about our baby herbs than on Mother’s Day? They’re just growing up so fast! The beautiful weather has thankfully put some color back into our plants. I was… Continue reading

Our growing things, 1 week later.


Last week, we posted about our budding sprouts. Since then, I’ve been dutifully turning the pot to get equal sunlight from our living room window and watering them every other day. I’m supposed to… Continue reading

We planted things and now they’re growing.


Erinne comes back with some of the best stuff when she goes to the Christmas Tree Shop (but sometimes also broken stuff). Maybe it was the recent string of beautiful weather, or maybe… Continue reading

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