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Noms Review: Doughnut Plant


Our next encounter from our trip to NYC was the Doughtnut Plant. And we thought Katz’s was delicious… Doughnut Plant Also recommended to us, these are supposed to be the best doughnuts that… Continue reading

Egg Sandwich for Your Sunday Breakfast


Simple yet delicious: Egg in a pepper. I’ve seen this a lot around Pinterest and have always thought to do it but never got around to it.  BUT NOW I give you the all… Continue reading

Zucchini Bread: the Answer to Your Zucchini Cup Problem


So you’ve just made the zucchini cups and you have a pile of leftover zucchini guts.  What to do? This was exactly my issue that night while making the zucchini cups.  As a zucchini… Continue reading

Cake *drool* Batter *drool* Pancakes *drool*


Cake wasn’t cake until Funfetti was introduced. When I first saw this recipe, I’m pretty sure I drooled.  I mean, how could you not? Cake for breakfast? Yes, please. I love Funfetti. I… Continue reading

Carla Hall’s Fried Apple Pancake Rings


Finding ourselves with an abundance of apples one weekend, we decided to try Carla Hall’s Fried Apple Pancake Rings from ABC’s The Chew. I’m not sure who Carla Hall is, and I had no… Continue reading

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