About Us

Erinne & Thu, Christmas 2011 ©ontoywin, 2011

Here we are, bringing sexy back, Christmas 2011.


My name is Erinne, I am a twenty-something aspiring teacher who enjoys being busy. I have two gerbils, who have yet to be named, as well as a bunny named Cadbury and a dog named Godiva at my parent’s house. I love being crafty, bright colors and delicious food, especially Italian. I do not like mushrooms or most seafood or avocados, so you will not see those in any of the recipes I post. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, as well as not following directions and going my own route. Sometimes it works, sometimes I need to turn around and start at the beginning. Either way, I hope you enjoy my cooking antics.


If you know me in real life, you know that I don’t discriminate against any foods and probably above all things, I love to eat. Cooking is really just a means to that end. I also love to clean–my Electrolux ErgoRapido and I are really good friends. I like people who make me laugh, I really want a dog, and someday I hope to become a blogging sensation and try all of the recipes and DIY crafts I’ve pinned on Pinterest.

To sum up, we enjoy cooking and trying new recipes we find on the Interwebs. Pinterest is a huge inspiration and has challenged us to move away from the all-too-convenient-but-delicious mac & cheese. And mainly, we hope to inspire other 20-somethings like us across the ‘verse to believe that they, too, can overcome the Ramen budget and eat more than sodium-infused styrofoam that tastes like chicken.

Follow our What’s for Dinner? and Just Desserts boards to see what’s cooking in our kitchen, and our Dranks board to see what we’re sippin’ on.

If there’s a recipe you’d like us to try, get at us, bros.