Noms Review: Doughnut Plant

Our next encounter from our trip to NYC was the Doughtnut Plant. And we thought Katz’s was delicious…

Doughnut Plant

Alex at the Doughtnut PlantAlso recommended to us, these are supposed to be the best doughnuts that you’ve ever tasted. Totally and completely true, we found. You have never tasted a doughnut before the Doughnut Plant.

Alex splurged on 15 or 16 at about $3 or $4 a pop and oh my god, it was worth it. We were in doughnut heaven all weekend. The creme brulee doughnuts were the best–with a perfect caramelized top and a sweet, smooth, eggy cream filling. It was so…sigh…perfect.

The tres leche doughnuts were also spot on. Normally I find cake doughnuts to be dry and chewy, but these were moist and filled with a light cream. Not too sweet, it was just right.

I will say, however, that I wasn’t a huge fan of the Rose or Peach doughnuts. They were good doughtnuts but it kind of felt like I was eating perfume because the rose and peach fragrance were very strong. A little too overpowering for my tastes.

The best thing (or maybe the worst thing, depending on your general disposition about doughnuts), was that they weren’t heavy or oily. They were just light enough that you could have more than one or two at a time! (Apologies for the picture…I’m sure you’d rather see the doughnuts but all mine were blurry–I was probably too hopped up on sweets to take a proper photo).