Egg Sandwich for Your Sunday Breakfast

Simple yet delicious: Egg in a pepper.

I’ve seen this a lot around Pinterest and have always thought to do it but never got around to it.  BUT NOW I give you the all in one Egg/Pepper.

Pretty much goes without saying:

1 egg

1 sliced pepper


Heat up frying pan.  Put down some nonstick spray or some butter, depending on your household.  Put slice of pepper in flat as possible.  Break egg within the pepper.  If your slice is a pretty even slice (you lucky dog you) the egg should stay within the pepper.

Now cook said egg the way you would like it.  Break the yolk*, keep it together, whichever way your heart desires.  Remember to cook both sides!  Now remove from pan (it should be in one piece) and place on bread, English muffin, or simply on a plate.
Really, freedom is on your side.

This one was my first one.  As you can see, my cutting abilities are slim and it was a little crooked and the egg got out.  My second one turned out as gem, as according to her Instagram picture. Our choice was the English Muffin and some Frank’s Red Hot.  

*One last piece of advice, be prepared to change your shirt in this situation.  No matter how prepared you feel for this yolk, it will surprise you, and go all over your shirt.  Maybe even on your way to work, and you might have to turn around and go home to change your shirt to be less…yellow.  Life happens.