My (un)Lucky Bamboo

Trying not to feel too defeated after our herbs’ untimely demise but this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

A week or two ago I looked over to my dependable, low-maintenance lucky bamboo only to find, to my horror, that one stalk was dying. Not only was it dying, but it’s brother stalk is absolutely thriving! Oh, how cruel life can be!

Lucky Bamboo StalksDead Lucky Bamboo

From my (brief) Internet inquiry, it sounds like this is the problem:

Given limited space and resources, such as space, water, and sunlight, the weaker plant will essentially give up and die in order to preserve the stronger plant and allow it to continue growing.

I know, how unfair is that? All I want is for my apartment to have some green life in it. How can I do that if my plants have evolved to die for each other?!

Oh, I also read that the rocks and water should be washed and changed weekly. Otherwise, the algae that grows will breathe up all the air in the water, leaving none for the bamboo.

Considering I bought these stalks when we moved in, over a year ago, and have yet to wash the rocks, I figured I’d give it a shot and maybe, by some divine miracle, my bamboo stalk will grow back all healthy and stuff. I have also rotated the jar in case maybe the dead guy got too much sun. Apparently, you’re not really supposed to put these bad boys in direct sunlight. But really, then what kind of plants would they be, really?

Stay tuned for it’s progress. It may be that I’m too late, though…