Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Cheese

Cucumbers, Half & Half, and Boursin CheeseAfter the amazing weather we had this weekend, Pinterest was exploding with awesome Summer recipes. I was stoked to try some of them, although a little less excited that the day I wanted to be a super cooking roommate was overcast and grey and cold(er) and blah.

But, I really love cucumbers, so since we rarely have cucumbers at our apartment, this went high up on my to-do list: Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling

It’s really as easy as it looks and requires 3 ingredients:

  • cucumber(s)
  • Garlic & Herbs Boursin (spreadable) cheese
  • heavy cream (read: half & half)

Peel the cucumbers as desired–my mom always kept strips of the skin on so I do too. I figure it 1) looks better, and 2) the skin probably hosts a majority of the nutrients in cucumbers anyways, like apples. Then slice the cucumbers about a 1/2″ thick and lay on your serving plate.

Mix the Boursin cheese with 2 to 3 tablespoons of heavy cream, says the original recipe. Since we only had half & half, I only used 2 tablespoons and that was definitely enough. You don’t want the cheese filling to be too watery because you’ll need to be able to pipe it through a pastry bag–if you want it to be pretty, that is.

Two quick notes:

  1. The original recipe doesn’t specify whether or not you should use the spreadable Boursin or the block of cheese version. I went the safe route and got spreadable.
  2. The original is also more appropriately a “filling” because some of the cucumber was hollowed out. I left my cucumbers intact, the more cucumber, the merrier I say.

Spoon your cheese mix into your pastry bag–don’t have a pastry bag? Neither did I, so I used a sandwich bag instead! Just fill your sandwich bag with the filling and then pinch a corner of the bag to move some of the mixture away before you cut. Then with a pair of scissors, cut a small corner off and boom, homemade pastry bag.

Homemade Pastry Bag from Sandwich Bag

Cut Corner of Sandwich Bag

No worries about washing or keeping it nice, just throw it away after your one-time use.

Pipe your own design on the cucumber slices and there you’ll have yourself a pretty impressive appetizer to bring to fancy events that folks can ooh and aah over. And they are delicious!

Cucumber Bites with Garlic Herb Filling

Cucumber Bite with piped Cheese