Lasagna: to cover or not to cover?

Tented Foil Cover for LasagnaWhen it comes to lasagna, I have had much more experience consuming it than producing it. I know the basics of what needs to happen but this latest cooking adventure had me stumped at the last step.

Upon looking up an appropriate bake time, Alex found that many people recommended covering the lasagna with foil but not allowing the foil to touch the food, lest it “react” with the tomato sauce. Now, I’ve really Lasagna after bakingonly seen my mother make lasagna uncovered so maybe I am just totally unaware, but…what?

Is that a real concern, the tin foil reacting with tomato sauce? I feel like there should be some PSA’s about that if it’s truly dangerous to my health because if I had a nickel for every time I ate something mildly acidic that touched tin foil, I’d have some amount of money (and cancer, probably).

So obviously, after creating an awesome tented foil cover without the aid of toothpicks, I Googled this hot topic and learned a lot about how other people make lasagna from Yahoo! Answers:

  • Some folks DON’T pre-cook their beef or noodles but DO cover their lasagna. Baking time is increased, some say at least by 30 minutes, and the uncooked ingredients get steamed to some extent.
  • Some folks (gods among men, really) grease the underside of the tin foil so the cheese doesn’t stick to it and get pulled off when you uncover your masterpiece–it’s genius!
  • Some folks will cover their lasagna and remove the foil for the last ten minutes to let the cheese brown and for the sides to get a bit crunchy (pretty duh, but this is what we did).

Okay, the first bullet was the one that really blew my mind. I found this video that demonstrates the no-boil noodle recipe. Crazy right? I’ve never heard of anyone making lasagna this way. If you use no-boil noodles in your lasagna, I want to talk to you.

Disclaimer: Noodles aside, I am totally not feeling how this woman is making her lasagna–why are the chunks of meat so big? Why didn’t she spread the ricotta cheese? Why does she want a mouthful of mozzarella in one bite, and none in another? I’m sorry, Laura Banford, eHow Presenter, but no me gusta.