Our growing things, 1 week later.

Last week, we posted about our budding sprouts. Since then, I’ve been dutifully turning the pot to get equal sunlight from our living room window and watering them every other day. I’m supposed to be “spritzing” them with a spray bottle but who has time for that? And also, I’m lacking an empty spray bottle.

They’ve been growing like weeds! Just looking over at them now, it’s seriously like we have a mini field on our kitchen table that we don’t use for eating, nor is it in our kitchen.

The photos below show only one day’s growth since you last saw. They were taken at approximately 8 a.m. on Thursday, April 26th.

Herbs, 1 Week Old

Herbs, 1 Week Sideview Again
It’s been a little over a week since then and I was going to leave this post at that but when I woke up Friday (yesterday) morning, I was such a proud gardener when I noticed BABY PARSLEY (cilantro…?) LEAVES growing! Take a look:

Herbs, 2 Weeks Growth

Baby Parsley Leaf

Baby Parsley Leaf Again
I love them so much! Stay tuned–our babies are growing up so fast!