We planted things and now they’re growing.

Erinne comes back with some of the best stuff when she goes to the Christmas Tree Shop (but sometimes also broken stuff). Maybe it was the recent string of beautiful weather, or maybe it was just an impulse buy, I don’t know, but she came home the other day with a $6.99 starter set to grow your own herbs! And so we did!

It came with:

  • soil
  • 3 seed packets
  • a ceramic planter pot

After a quick consultation with Erinne because I forgot, we are currently growing parsley, sweet basil, and cilantro. I could have sworn there were 4 different seed packets, but I guess it’ll have to be a surprise at this point. So after following the directions of mixing the soil with water, tossing in the seeds haphazardly (okay, that wasn’t in the directions but that’s what ended up happening) into the pot, and throwing more soil on top, we are now the proud mamas of some sprouts! Take a look and stay tuned for more updates on our babies:

Home Grown Herbs

Sprouts of Home Grown Herbs

Photos taken @ 8 a.m. on Wednesday, April 25, 2012.