Pulled Pork Pizza

I’ve mentioned before that we’re pretty bad at taking care of leftovers at our place. But when it comes to Alex’s slow-cooked pulled pork, we actually hope and kinda plan to have extra. Not only so I can enjoy a delicious pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw for lunch the next day, but for homemade pulled pork pizza the following night.

Now, Alex makes a pretty mean pulled pork–hot sauce, barbecue sauce, paprika, chili powder, cinnamon, and a slew of other ingredients that also includes Dr.Pepper. When asked about the recipe, he had a mere, “I dunno, everything?” to say. Well, that’s vague, but that’s what I get for wanting attention while he’s about to start a game of Dota 2 (story of my life). But rest assured, and perhaps if you know us in real life you can attest to this: the pork is fa’ sho’ good.

Pulled Pork Pizza IngredientsAnd luckily, Alex also happens to work at a bakery that sells pizza kits, so there’s more than half the prep work already done. I came home today and we had pizza dough and a pre-made cheese blend at our fingertips. All that was left to do was slice half an onion.

After watching Alex do most of the work and letting the dough proof (somewhat), we added our toppings and put that baby in our pre-heated oven at 450 degrees. Initially we had the timer set for 12 minutes, but it ended up taking between 20 and 30 minutes.

The final product was great–not burnt and the pork just melted in your mouth. According to Alex, because I have zero point of reference, we could have given the dough more time to proof but we rushed it because we were hungry. So watch out for that.

I will say that the first time we made this, we had cilantro and scallions on hand. If your kitchen is a goldmine, I’d totally recommend including them on your pizza. They add a lot of flavor on what is otherwise a pretty heavy and porky pizza, which is still good, just different. 

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