Monthly Archive: April, 2012

We planted things and now they’re growing.


Erinne comes back with some of the best stuff when she goes to the Christmas Tree Shop (but sometimes also broken stuff). Maybe it was the recent string of beautiful weather, or maybe… Continue reading

Self-Frosting Nutella Cupcakes


UPDATE 9 p.m. on 4/25 Upon reading my blog post, Alex realized that he was in actuality wrong–yes, wrong!–about the granulated/confectioner’s sugar debacle. Something about him remembering how to make muffins and how… Continue reading

Southwestern Chicken Soup


For tonight’s dinner, it all depended on the weather.  For the entire week of my vacation (yay public schools) It was pretty descent everyday, probably never going below 50.  I mean, yesterday, Saturday,… Continue reading

Pulled Pork Pizza


I’ve mentioned before that we’re pretty bad at taking care of leftovers at our place. But when it comes to Alex’s slow-cooked pulled pork, we actually hope and kinda plan to have extra.… Continue reading

Quinoa, Part II


If you’re wondering what happened to the second half of that Quinoa box I made for our Keen-Wah Pizza Bites, rest assured that it didn’t go to waste. I am shamefaced to admit… Continue reading

Succulent Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Shells


Succulent Sausage and Spinach Stuffed Shells.  Say that five times fast. So all day I have been deciding what I want for dinner.  I knew I wanted to stuff something into shells, I… Continue reading

Keen-Wah Pizza Bites


Prior to tonight, I had never eaten quinoa. And even just five minutes ago, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was–not that that’s ever stopped me from eating something. But from what I… Continue reading

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